if you like jontron, like jontron. if you like roosterteeth, like roosterteeth. all LPers say their share of problematic shit. even your beloved cr1tikal, game grumps, and vinesauce. people are people and if you like them, like them because everyone does dumb shit sometimes. acknowledge that it’s wrong and get over it

Fucking amen, tired of seeing “Watch cr1tikal instead of Jontron!” over and over in the cr1tikal tag. Not that I’m opposed to more people watching cr1tikal but I don’t like seeing other Youtubers get shit on for it. As part of the cr1tikal fandom, I know we’re better than that.
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Anonymous said: I fucking love you too we need to rub butts and watch chipotle some time soon.


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Anonymous said: Oh no, oh wait, did I-- are you two... like, together? Is that why you wanted to avoid talking about Right, because you-- oh shit I shouldn't have assumed I'm so sorry I hope I didn't out guys or anything oh you gee this is awkward.

We rub together all the time. No worries, we’re proud to be together as Mark’s Nutts!

Anonymous said: Curious: Why are you so keen on neglecting Mark's RIGHT nutt? I think it's offensive and a blatant display of right-erasure, shame on you.

I’ve been called out, goodness me. Maybe you should ask Right Nutt how he feels about this??

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actual footage of cr1tikal


actual footage of cr1tikal

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burnie looking cute in a beanie on patch #49

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