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"TND. It sounds so much better. And hetero."


Also got a Team Nice Dynamite message with them being dorks. Like always.

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kenezbian asked: i think the only time i mention millie in a fic is in passing, like "yes this is a universe she exists in" and then i move on - but even then i try to write around it as much as possible. =/

That’s fine, I think.

I think occasionally giving a casual mention to her is the only exception, but when you start writing her as a character is when you cross the line.

ie: “I gotta get going so I can pick up Millie from school.”

vs: Millie smiled and jumped around, wanting to play Bad Piggies.

Like there’s 48 works on AO3 with Millie tagged in them. I’m not expecting to find bad content with her but still. It’s a bit disappointing. :/

vaeporeons asked: W8 did he ask not to in general or not romantically becuase if romantically that's hecka messed up

All of it.

Of course there’s the exceptions (fics written before Caleb’s announcement). I mean people aren’t always going to know, but it just sucks because really, once you think about it…involving people’s kids/underage people in RPF isn’t really respectful. Shipping or not. It’s kind of inappropriate.

If people write Millie romantice fics then that’s all sorts of fucked up. I’m sorry. That just isn’t right at all.

EDIT: I mean, look at it from Geoff’s point of view. He’s being a good dad trying to protect his daughter. And understandably so.

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Did I ever post about this dream I had where I was reading this RT/AH-based manga, and in it Geoff ran a maid cafe and like the Lads were the maids and the Gents were the owners and everyone else at RT were customers?

No? Well there you go.


Team Nice Dynamite in Let’s Build Minecraft (aka possibly the gayest episode ever).

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hybrid ay-yoo

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